Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Gnome and Mrs. Meyers Chapter 4

In this chapter: Brenda finally goes back to work and has to deal with her abusive boss. That evening, the gnome teaches her a secret technique to access her intuition and reveal her true feelings on any subject.

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Caption for this chapter's illustration: You need a clearer access to your intuition so that you will have more knowing and be less muddling. I have a technique for you ...

The Looped Finger Technique. Here's how it goes. On each hand, touch the tip of your index finger and your thumb. Now interlock them. Try to pull them apart but feel a tight grip. That will be your yes response to a personal question. Now feel your fingers pull apart easily when you go to separate the grip. That will be your response to a personal question.

Note: See the Gallery for diagram 2!

Ink Drawing on paper
8" x 10"

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