“I know it's weird to take on such an unusual boarder, excuse me, “Homestay guest,” but it's the first break I've had in a long time.” 

     -Brenda Meyers's Journal Entry

When Mrs. Meyers, an impoverished widow, wins the "Expect the Unexpected Sweepstakes" she thinks everything in her life will turn around. But the prize of precious jewels comes with an unexpected catch: she must keep an ancient magical being safe, secure, and entertained for three months at her condo. Is she up to the challenge of this unique homestay program? Will she be able to deal with her abusive boss, and a condo association that is certain there's vermin running around the building? And, most importantly, what will a gnome think of Chicago deep-dish pizza? 

Listen to the free podiobook The Gnome and Mrs. Meyers at GnomeHomstay.com to find out!

The author, Susan Klein, is a writer, artist, and former homestay host.